Unable to import a trace using SQL Nexus

While trying to import a profiler trace using SQL Nexus, you might get the following error in the SQL Nexus log file:

"The system cannot find the file specified (System)"
Program Location:
   at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
   at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
   at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
   at ReadTrace.ReadTraceNexusImporter.DoImport() in C:\jacklidocs3\cprsrc\main\src\sqlnexus_pass\ReadTraceNexusImporter\ReadTraceNexusImporter.cs:line 364
   at sqlnexus.fmImport.DoImport() in C:\jacklidocs3\cprsrc\main\src\sqlnexus_pass\sqlnexus\fmImport.cs:line 557

The issue could be one of the two reasons:

  1. Your RML Utilities version is older than the current version – Install the latest version of RML Utilities.
  2. Your RML utilities location is not registered with SQL Nexus – This can be corrected by navigating to  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Corporation\RMLUtils from Command Prompt and execute the following: orca.exe /R

Now SQL Server 2008 has BPA too

This has been an ask from the community for a long time now. We just launched SQL Server 2008 R2 Best Practices Analyzer. The SQL Server rules are executed using the Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer framework. The rules are all Powershell based. So you need Powershell 2.0 and MBCA 2.0 to use SQL Server 2008 R2 BPA. This version of BPA has an extensive set of rules which can validate a lot of commonly known issues in areas like SQL Setup, Engine, Replication etc. This makes the work of a DBA much easier. Another cool feature about this tool is that you can run remote scans also against other SQL instances.

Addendum: April 13th, 2011

Note: It works with SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.