TechEd India 2012 Session


TechEd India is always a much anticipated event and I always feel that this event keeps getting better year on year. This year I have the privilege of presenting at TechEd which is being held at Bangalore from March 21-23, 2012. My presentation topic is “Lesser Known Facts of SQL Server Backup and Restore”. The topic abstract is as follows:

Backup and restore are considered the most common tasks performed by DBAs. Most of the time the knowledge does not go beyond memorizing the syntax of backup and restore. In this session we will uncover some hidden facts which will change the perspective of DBAs towards this process.

What can you expect from this session?
image1. I will be talking about the some of the unknown facts about SQL Server database backup and restore which will help you streamline your backup performance and DR strategy.
2. Demo of a backup restore using a tool that I have written to show you some interesting statistics.
3. Clearing up some common myths around backup/restore.

I will delivering this session from 3:15PM IST – 4:15PM IST on SQL Server Administration track on Day 3 (March 23rd).

There will be other speakers like Pinal Dave [B | T], Vinod Kumar [B | T], Balmukund Lakhani [B | T] and Jacob Sebastian [B | T] who will not only help you gain knowledge but also have amazing demos in their presentations which will have you running the following query: SELECT REPLICATE(‘awesome’,1000) in your head!

If you haven’t already registered for TechEd yet, then you can do so by visiting the TechEd site. The Facebook event for my session is available here.