How to fetch all Login Failed messages from default traces

I was recently investigating a login failed issue on a SQL instance and required to quickly find out all the Login Failed events that had occurred on the server. I could have scoured the SQL Errorlogs but I didn’t want to do this due to the bloated size of the Errorlogs. An easier way would be to read the Default Traces (available from SQL Server 2005 and above) and look for all the Audit Login Failed events (event class = 20) using fn_trace_gettable function.

The query that can be used to get this information is given below:

declare @path varchar(1000)

select @path = path from sys.traces where id = 1

select trc.Spid, TextData, State, Error, StartTime, EventSubClass, LoginName, NTDomainName, NTUserName, ClientProcessID, HostName, ApplicationName

from fn_trace_gettable(@path,DEFAULT) trc

where EventClass = 20

order by StartTime desc