RML Utilities OR ReadTrace

The Microsoft Download site has a tool called RML Utilities which can be used to process the profiler traces collected from a SQL Server instance.
SQL Profiler Traces are very helpful when we need to perform a Bottleneck Analysis in any SQL environment or you need to find out the before & after picture. But the daunting task remains in analyzing the Profiler Traces because the size and volume of the trace files.

SQL Server provides an in-built function fn_trace_gettable() to load the collected profiler traces into a SQL Server database table.
Then you can run queries on this table to draw inferences from the profiler traces collected during that period. Lets say you wanted to find out all queries that had a duration above 10,000 and group the results by host name, then you could write a query in the following manner:

SELECT hostname, count(*) as counts
FROM tbl_trace
WHERE Duration > 10000
GROUP BY hostname

This is a tool that is used by Microsoft PSS to analyze SQL Server Profiler Traces collected by the PSSDIAG utility.

For more details, please refer:
Replay Markup Language
RML Utilities (x86) Download
RML Utilities (x64) Download

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