Useful Links and Tools

Links to tools, books and other utilities.
A tool that helps you analyze PSSDIAG data with the help of reports. Used extensively by the SQL Support Team.
A must read for all DBAs.
This can really help you narrow down the cause of the bottleneck for the performance issues that you face. Can be used for SQL Server 2005 SP2 and above.
Don’t you want a handy guide for administering your SQL Server 2005 instances
A useful guide for administering SQL Server 2000
This version of the tool helps you to find which best practices are not being followed for your SQL instance.
A tool that can be used to find out if best practices for your SQL 2000 instance are being followed.

SQL Server 2008 Internals: If you are an avid reader of SQL Server books, then you must have touched the “Inside” series by Kalen Daleny. Now that SQL Server 2008 is out in the market, Kalen has written another book for SQL Server 2008: . This book actually has two co-authors Connor and Paul, who are (were) from the SQL Server development team.

I had done a series on various tools that I have used for troubleshooting SQL related issues. The series of posts were tagged under Tools, Tips and Tricks.