My Other Musings

I recently started writing on SSWUG as a guest author. Here are a list of my posts on SSWUG:

April 2011:
SQL Performance: How Do I Tackle You?
May 2011:
Troubleshooting SQL Blocking Scenarios with Activity Monitor
The Benefits of Using Performance Dashboard
June 2011
Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance with Standard Reports
July 2011
Tackling long running queries with Management Data Warehouse
August 2011
Performance Troubleshooting using SQL Nexus

SQL Server Dump Sniffer – A Windows Service that allows you to monitor the SQL Server log folders for new dumps that are created in the SQL Server instance’s log folder
SQL Server Dump Sniffer (Part 1)
SQL Server Dump Sniffer (Part 2)
SQL Server Dump Sniffer (Part 3)

System Health Session series

Post 1: System Health Session Dashboard:

I do write on another MSDN blog: SQL Server FAQ. Here are the links to my posts on SQL Server FAQ.

Amit Banerjee’s Posts

How to backup a database on a mapped drive
How to manage SQL Server 2000 Services using WMI
Orphaned database users while using SQL Authentication for Mirroring and Log Shipping
Is your SQLVDI.DLL functioning correctly? EXEs for this modified code are available here.
How to change the IP ALL TCP Port to a static port from a Dynamic Port using WMI
How to skip a transaction in SQL 2005/2008 Transactional Replication
How to remove unwanted Quotation Marks while importing a data file
EVENTDATA function behavior for DLL Triggers related to Logins
Incorrect BufferCount data transfer option can lead to OOM condition
Tracking Merge Agent Performance using Distribution database system tables
Monotonically increasing clustered index keys can cause LATCH contention
GUID vs INT Debate
Troubleshooting Error 511 using XEvents
The hidden gems among DMVs: sys.dm_os_sys_memory
How to set Soft Numa for SQL Server 2008 R2
Open Symmetric Key command prevents plan caching
Scan Count meaning in SET STATISTICS IO output: Part 2
Troubleshooting tempdb growth due to Version Store usage
Troubleshooting specific Login Failed error messages
SQL Nexus and RML Utilities: A primer on the issues that I have dealt with last year
SQLDIAG: There are no instances of version 10 on this computer

Sudarshan Narasimhan

He is a guest author who has written for TroubleshootingSQL in the past. He has been an active blog author on the MSDN Blog – SQLServerFAQ and writes on TheSQLDude as well.

Sudarshan Narasimhan’s Posts