I had really enjoyed presenting at an earlier TechEd and this time I have the privilege of presenting again.

TechEd India is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for Developers, Technology Enthusiasts and IT Professionals providing opportunities to learn, connect and explore. Join us to increase your technical expertise through deep hands-on learning, sharing of best practices and interactions with Microsoft and industry experts on November 5 & 6 at Bangalore. This year our agenda is bigger than ever! There are a number of special sessions including Microsoft Women in Tech and an exclusive CIO roundtable. We also bring you an extensive Tech Expo that will showcase the latest solutions from Microsoft and Partners.

If you are interested in Azure (Cloud), SQL Server, Data Center trends and all the things that keep today, then this is definitely the event for you. Find out more about the complete agenda from the TechEd site.

This year I will be speaking with Sourabh Agarwal [B | T] on “SQL Performance: Demystified in Azure VMs“. The session abstract is as follows:

This session will give an overview of how to harness the power of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines for SQL Server database. A few tips and tricks is all it requires to keep a SQL Server database healthy on an Azure Virtual Machine. What’s more, we will even slip in few tricks to automate the entire deployment with the performance best practices enabled.

What can you expect from this session?

1. We will talk about how managing performance for a SQL Server instance deployed on an Azure Virtual Machine can be slightly different from maintaining an on-premise environment

2. We will demonstrate how to ensure that your Azure virtual machine and your SQL Server instance are configured optimally for performance using concepts that you use regularly for managing on-premise SQL Server instances

3. And we will also show some PowerShell magic for accomplishing common tasks related to performance

There will be other known speakers like Vinod Kumar [B | T], Balmukund Lakhani [B | T] and Arvind Shyamsundar [B | T] who will not only help you gain knowledge but also have amazing demos in their presentations!

If you haven’t already registered for TechEd yet, then you can do so by visiting the TechEd site. The Facebook event for my session is available here.

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The slide deck of our presentation is embedded below.