How to find out if a table exists on the instance

 Once in a while I find that need to find out if a particular table name exists in any of the databases of my SQL Server instance. This is when sp_MSforeachdb comes into play.

EXEC sp_MSforeachdb '
if exists(select * from ?.sys.objects where type = ''U'' and name like ''%log%%'' and is_ms_shipped = 0)
    print ''Database Name: '' + ''?''
    select * from ?.sys.objects where type = ''U'' and name like ''%log%%'' and is_ms_shipped = 0

The above piece of T-SQL code finds out if there exists a user table which has a string “log” in it’s name on all the databases of the instance. You can keep modifying this query by adding more filters in the WHERE clause. Current filters only looks for tables which are not shipped by Microsoft (Eg. user tables created by replication, database tuning advisor, log shipping etc.). Basically any user table created by you. If you want to use this on a SQL Server 2000 instance, then you would need to use sysobjects instead of sys.objects.


How to find out which object belongs to which filegroup

Recently I found the need to write a query which would tell me which table belonged to which File Group or Partition Scheme in a SQL Server 2005 database. I found that a system SP exists called “sp_objectfilegroup” to return the filegroup information for one table. This SP takes a parameter which is the object id of the table that you are interested in. However, using the sys.data_spaces catalog view and tying it back to sys.indexes output, I can find out which table belongs to which filegroup on the database. 

select object_name(a.object_id) as ObjectName, 

IndexName = case when is null then 'Heap' else end,(select name from sys.data_spaces where data_space_id = a.data_space_id) as FileGroupName 

from sys.indexes a where index_id < 2


I’m sure many people can find alternate ways to do so 🙂 but I thought of posting one in case I needed the same script in the future again.